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Services and Pricing:

1. Basic Privacy policy (No seal) - begins from $249 /year

2. privacy that is TRUSTe begins from $49/month

3. TRUSTe privacy plus (TRUSTe web that is certified seal) - starts from $949/year

McAfee Secure (previously hacker safe) protects world class infrastructures like Toshiba, American Red Cross, Shop NBC, etc. They offer daily vulnerability scans and alert McAfee customers for vulnerabilities which could influence their network. They scan your internet site making sure that it is safe from hackers.

Over 80,000 sites have a McAfee trust that is secure and additionally they guarantee to improve conversion of people to purchasers. McAfee Secure, being a PCI Scan vendor is trusted by businesses all around the world to help them in their PCI certification.
To know about mcafee com activate and mcafee-com-activate, visit our page mcafee-com-activate.
I observed to make the comparison so I have taken a look at all these three trust seal providers and here are the standards:

1. Reputation

2. Provider vs. Rates

TRUSTe is the provider that is leading of seals and trust markings since its establishment in 1997. Being in the market for 12 years, their solutions was employed by businesses such as e-bay and IBM and has now certified significantly more than 2,000 sites.

They're aligned in assisting companies of all sizes build customer trust through privacy policies with guaranteed support in dispute resolution of complaints in regards to the collection of personal information from clients.