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So a PDF file doesn't do this justice unless you want to print it out and read it elsewhere, so a wiki seemed like the right thing to do for a more interactive and accessible set of content. Enjoy!

Read the disclaimer first, it's necessary. Then read it again. Then cry because it's depressing. Then read the intro and you can understand what's going on. Then dive into the content and marvel at its lunacy. (The bottom of this page has info on the logo, it's actually pretty cool and very appropriate.)

Adding Content

If you feel like you'd like to contribute to this wiki, Feel free! Any climbing-related information, suggestions, your beta, your stories from previous years, 24HHH missed connections, lost gear, etc are valid. Create an account and confirm your e-mail, then start adding pages. Type the title of the page here and click "Create Page" to start it. See the bottom of this page for a complete list of all pages if you're looking for something more specific or another page. Send me an e-mail if you'd like your content featured in a normal page, or links to be added elsewhere. Also, for people I know personally, I'd be happy to add you as a user which can edit the main pages (I just fear vandalism, so I don't allow regular users to edit the main info).



Follow this guide at your own risk. I approach 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell each year with the knowledge and certainty that I will die at the Ranch. I don’t mean that figuratively, I mean it literally. The techniques and information in this guide is liable and likely to actually kill you. Follow any advice or reasoning here within at your own risk and I am not responsible for your behavior or actions as a result of doing this. Accidents happen, rocks break, ropes tear, quickdraws fail, worn carabiners snap. If anything in here seems unsafe to you, then do whatever you need to in order to be safe. Your margin of safety is entirely different than mine. This guide is designed for moving as fast as literally possible while maintaining the basic-needs of rule-following and avoiding unnecessary risk. Some things we do are extremely risky, but we have thought through all angles to maximize safety outside objective risks. For your own safety, don’t try this at home, and please don’t actually climb like we do, unless you’re willing to actually die for the sake of 5 minutes saved. I accept no liability and this advice is entirely theoretical. Any nonconstructive arguments you want to make about this document will be kindly and thoroughly ignored.


All of the Pages on this Wiki

Original Logo used from Public Domain: [Dunstan and the Devil]

Dunstan putting a horseshoe on the Devil


Have you read the Disclaimer?!